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Support my food truck project

I’m seeking support for my innovative food distribution concept. The plan involves taking our high-quality farm-to-table produce and introducing it through a new food truck. Although I’m in the early stages of conceptualizing the project, I’m seeking startup funds to cover essential aspects. read more…

About Mahāprabhu Das

I’d like to share a bit about my journey. Much like many Westerners, I grew up consuming processed and inorganic fast food. My father, who owns an Italian restaurant, had high hopes for me to carry on the family tradition. However, my path took a different turn when I stumbled upon Krishna’s books at a gas station. Learning about the laws of karma and embracing vegetarian cuisine left me feeling as though I had discovered a hidden truth. I began my journey of exploration, leaving the family restaurant behind to delve into the world of healthy foods. I traveled extensively, honing my culinary skills and focusing on plant-based cuisine. I had the privilege of cooking for plant-based retreats, tours, temples, restaurants, and both public and private events across the globe. Today, I am proud to say that I’ve recently graduated from a plant-based culinary school, organized my very own festival, and established an industrial-sized, fully equipped greenhouse to grow organic local produce. These achievements reflect my dedication to teaching people about farm-to-table methods, fostering community, and helping individuals reconnect with the source of the nourishment they consume. My deepest aspiration is to guide people in reestablishing their connection with the earth, the soil, with each other, and with the nourishing foods they ingest.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance lives by promoting quality living. We aim to foster mindful communities, educating locals on healthy living, sustainable practices, and harmonious coexistence. We aspire to guide others in reconnecting with nature, cultivating soil, growing food, structuring water, and building sustainable dwellings. Through regenerative farming and community social structures, we envision not just survival but thriving. Investing in health leads to mindful communities, ensuring abundant support for the best possible outcomes.

Our Vision

I am a travel caterer, specializing in providing catering for yoga festivals, temples, private events, and ceremonies. Additionally, I serve as an advisor and laborer for organic farming initiatives. I offer health consultations and private catering services with plans to develop sustainable communities and festivals in the near future.

Our Offerings

Presently, we provide consultations on healthy living, covering a nourishing diet, a wholesome lifestyle, and fostering a healthy community. I believe in leading through action. Managing a 15-acre retreat center in Mount Shasta, California, we’ve established a fully sustainable greenhouse and successfully hosted our inaugural kirtan and yoga festival. Additionally, I offer private vegan/vegetarian catering and look forward to launching an online store featuring imports from India soon!


Mahaprabhu has been without a festival for many years. He has contributed to the production in various capacities. Currently, he serves as one of the primary cooks, overseeing the well-being of producers and artists. Based on our experience, he is known for his hard work and reliability. I highly recommend him as a professional chef capable of managing events of all sizes.

Sridar Silberfein Founder of Bhakti festival in Jousha Tree Ca

I first encountered Mahaprabhu approximately 10 years ago. Over this period, I've witnessed his growth into a mature and professional individual. Under my guidance, he has experienced rapid spiritual advancement. Mahaprabhu has actively contributed to various aspects of our organization, including publications, preaching centers, festivals, and has dedicated significant time to our temple kitchen. He has progressed to a key role as one of the main cooks at the temple, showcasing remarkable consistency and dedication to his service.

Srimati Syamarani Didi Vedic ambassador, Founder of Sacred Vedic arts temple

Mahaprabhu has been an invaluable team member for the past three years. He played a crucial role in establishing our downtown yoga center, contributed to the landscaping and maintenance of our 15-acre retreat center, successfully hosted the delightful Bhakti on the Mountain festival, and most recently, assisted in constructing our large commercial greenhouse. We trust him with managing our workforce and overseeing property operations. His strong work ethic, skills, reliability, and dedication have made him an outstanding employee. We are genuinely pleased to have him on our team!

Bruce and Catherine Catlin Owners and Operators at Soul Connections and Jewel in the Lotus