Maha Prasad Productions

About Us

About Mahāprabhu Das

I will share a little bit about my journey. Just like most Westerners I grew up with processed inorganic fast food . My father owns an Italian restaurant. Being the first born named after him in an Italian family, I was on my way to take over the family restaurant. Then I found Krishna books in a gas station. Learning about the laws of karma and vegetarian cuisine I felt cheated. I started to travel and learn about health foods leaving the family’s restaurant behind. I took my kitchen skills abroad and have traveled internationally cooking for plant based retreats, tours, temples, restaurants, public and private events. Now I wish to take it to the next step and start my own production.

This production I wish to set the highest standards of quality control. Offering from farm to table while blending ancient vedic farming techniques with new age agriculture technologies. This I feel will revolutionize the market. Would like to set an example for the future generation and hopefully influence many other farm to table productions around the world ! Check out the website to learn more !

About Mahaprasad Productions

For over half of my life, I have been involved in the festival culture, taking on various roles that have evolved over the years. Through this journey, I have honed a range of skills and opened my heart to the vast spiritual realm. This lifestyle has transformed me from growing up in the mundane city to traveling the world in search of love and true liberation. I have had the opportunity to live in retreat centers all over the United States while building my community management and social skills. 

I have also continued to travel to events worldwide, always cooking and hosting. Being among so many amazing, innovative, world-traveling artists led me naturally to the bhakti culture. This yearning for kirtan, prasadam, and enlightening association has taken me to India on three trips, where I have gained guidance from my elders and exposure to the lands of pilgrimage. I have taken my production experience and infused it with the bhakti yoga to start a series of productions. At the heart of it all, my productions prioritize service, sustainability, and surrender. Though I know it will not be an easy journey, I can’t seem to find anything more exciting to live for!

Our Mission

It’s our mission to provide the highest quality possible. We will have fresh, local, organic, non genetically modified, fruits and vegetables. Locally baked breads and desserts with gluten free options. Handcrafted drinks made at our sober elixir bar. Even our takeaway containers and utensils will be of the highest grade single use material. The concept is if we invest into our health, our communities will be mindful of our impact then we will have unlimited abundance and support to offer the best product as possible.

Our Vision

“I am a travel caterer, specializing in providing catering for yoga festivals, temples, private events, and ceremonies. Additionally, I serve as an advisor and laborer for organic farming initiatives. I offer health consultations and private catering services with plans to develop cooking classes in the near future.”