Maha Prasad Productions

Food Truck Project

For my birthday this year, I’m seeking support for my innovative food distribution concept. The plan involves taking our high-quality farm-to-table produce and introducing it through a new food truck. Although I’m in the early stages of conceptualizing the project, I’m seeking startup funds to cover essential aspects. These funds will contribute to the completion and launch of my official website (, the creation of a professional design for the food truck, and assistance with the business application process for securing the name and business license.

While the entire project is estimated to cost over $200,000 for full functionality, including the truck, equipment, permitting, and marketing, I’m currently aiming to raise $2,500 as seed money to kickstart this dream. Currently, I’m actively involved in various projects aligned with this vision. After graduating as a plant-based chef in July, I served as the head chef for three weeks at the Bhakti festival. Additionally, I’ve played a key role in installing and managing a commercial-sized greenhouse in Mount Shasta, California. Meanwhile, I’m contributing to the construction of a commercial kitchen in Miami, Florida, dedicated to preparing meals for the local homeless community at our temple. 

My overarching vision is to create a sustainable community on robust land, fostering a lifestyle where individuals learn to be Earth caretakers, free from anxiety and immersed in natural abundance. This self-sufficient community will cater to residents’ needs, allowing them ample time to nurture their crafts. As the food trucks become established, the community will travel to events, festivals, and busy locations, distributing food, art, literature, and offering classes. This not only generates revenue but also promotes natural ways to connect the mind, body, and spirit. 

Proceeds will be reinvested into further developing the land for hosting spiritual festivals and supporting partner charity organizations by sharing proceeds, abundant food, and providing jobs for those in need. I’m deeply grateful for the love and support over the years. Every form of support means a lot, and I’ll ensure to keep all donors directly informed about our progress as we become more established. Thank you for your time, and I’m truly honored to serve in this capacity!