Maha Prasad Productions


At the moment, we are in the developmental stage of our culinary venture. We are currently attending culinary college and working on building a greenhouse to provide farm-to-table concepts for our clients. As of now, we offer private consultations and classes. We are also planning to offer a series of items on our online store in the near future.”

Nutritionist and Health Coach

I am available to work as a nutritionist and health coach, offering two one-hour calls per week to discuss various health and wellness topics. Topics include transitioning to a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, detoxing from parasites, heavy metals, and environmental toxins, boosting energy levels, personalized exercise plans based on body type, choosing a diet that aligns with your constitution, exploring beneficial health services and technologies, and providing mindful meditation advice. The service is priced at $108 per week, and a monthly subscription is available for $333. To sign up, you can email me or text me on WhatsApp.

Event Catering

I am currently available for hire to cater vegan and lacto-vegetarian events, festivals, and private gatherings. With extensive experience in the kitchen, I provide high-quality ingredients and professional presentation at an affordable rate. I specialize in sattvic Ayurvedic dishes and raw organic cuisine. For further inquiries and to check my availability, please email me at

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